It was years ago when I first read the poem ‘Leisure‘ by William Henry Davies as part of my 4th grade English class.


What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare? “


The catchy opening lines were etched in my memory as a 9-year old kid, but while memorizing the poem and reciting it was fun, the true essence of it had perhaps eluded me as a kid. It was not until I got into serious photography, that I really started to appreciate what Davies was saying. In the hectic pace of modern day lives I have started to appreciate the beauty of mother nature and its healing powers a lot more than I ever did before.


To see infinity in the stars and the moon

To find peace in the sound of a babbling brook

To be awestruck by the mighty mountains

To feel the gentle touch of the falling snow

To marvel at the deft strokes of a cloud, the magical experience of a stunning sunset

To be mesmerized by the burst of color in a Spring time meadow

To see grace in the flight of a bird

To feel the tenderness in the blissful sleep of a newborn, the innocent giggle of a child

To be touched by the kindness of a stranger

These little things are blessings that enliven our mundane life, a few pages in the book of this beautiful world.


My photography is inspired by the artistry of mother nature and the purity of human emotion. It is a humble attempt at capturing the beauty of the world in the way I see it. Over the years, landscape photography and portraiture are the two genres of photography that have struck a chord with me. I derive the most satisfaction from pursuing them.


I am software engineer by profession and even though I spend a majority of my time learning about technology, writing code and building software solutions, I have had an interest in art from my childhood. I enjoyed painting with watercolors as a kid and when my mother enrolled me in an art class, painting soon turned into a serious hobby. Over a period of six years, I picked up skills in watercolors, oil painting and sculpture and thoroughly enjoyed them. Through college and early professional career, as life got busier, my interest in these mediums gradually faded and I started dabbling with photography. When playing with my first little point and shoot camera I was especially fascinated by the technique of long exposure which allowed the camera to capture a scene in a way that the human eye simply cannot see. I bought my first DSLR in 2009 after moving to the San Francisco Bay Area but it wasn’t until I began experiencing the natural beauty of California and started discovering the huge community of talented photographers in Flickr, that my interest in photography really took off.


Through photography I have been able to make friendships with a number of talented photographers and personal connections with a lot of my clients. The  journey has also taken me to many beautiful places, mostly in the United States, Canada and India. For this, I am thankful to God for providing me with the means and to my wife who has always been supportive and patient with me in my pursuit of this hobby. I enjoy travelling and spend a lot of my free time taking short trips in the pursuit of photography. Hiking and scouting new locations for future shoots, staying up late in the night to capture the starry skies,  waking up at ungodly hours to shoot a sunrise, sometimes enduring freezing temperatures in the process come naturally with such trips. Following that, there are hours spent on the computer, sorting, post processing photos and learning newer techniques. It’s a long process and requires lots of patience but the satisfaction that comes from seeing the end result which may sometimes be just one good photo from a trip is its own reward. Learning is a never-ending process and I consider myself a fledgling in this craft. There’s a lot to explore in his world, a lot to learn in photography and I’m excited about the journey that lies ahead!


Thank you for stopping by my website and taking taking an interest in my work.